Mortgage application. Documents required


When applying for a home loan, you will have to fill out a loan application, then back up the information on the application with supporting documentation. 


You are asking a lender to give you a lot of money, for a long time. Therefore lenders ask for a lot of paperwork to fell comfortable giving you a home loan.


Below is a basic list of documents required for all mortgage applications:

  • Photo ID
  • Last 30-days of pay stubs
  • Past two-years W2's (or 1099's)
  • Past two-years Federal Tax Returns
  • Checking and savings accounts statements for the past two months (all pages - real statements, not printouts)
  • Most recent statements for other assets such as bonds, stocks, or  401k
  • Proof of any misc income (like social security, pensions, etc)


Purchase loans also need

  • Copy of your purchase agreement
  • Your Realtor's contact information
  • If condo or town home - the association name and association contact information
  • Proof of homeowners insurance on the new home

Refinance loans

  • Current mortgage statement
  • Proof of home owners insurance


Common Misc Documents

Depending on many other factors, you may need to prove and provide addition documentation, and it is VERY COMMON for the underwriter to ask for additional documentation or to explain something during the process.



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